Have you ever had a candle fail? Sometimes things just don’t turn out like we planned….in life as well as in Candle Making!

There are a few things that can go wrong that will make your candles turn out, well, not quite how you imagined they would.


In today’s post I wanted to explore essential oil uses. There are so many different essential oils that can be used in so many different ways to improve our health, our sleep, stress levels and more.

But it can be hard to know where to start and this is why I put together this infographic to help you decide which oils you should use for which situations.


I had a question recently from a reader who is getting married this year and is making a lot of the decorations for the reception herself. She wanted to know if I had any ideas for candle favours or table decorations that would be easy enough for her to try.

Not having ever done any wedding candles myself I thought I would do the next best thing!

So here is a round up of my favourite DIY Soy Wedding Candles from around the blogoshpere. Apparently my reader isn’t the only one who wants to make soy candles for weddings, there are so many amazing ideas out there.



I have been experimenting lately with homemade soy candles. Soy is a great wax for those candle makers that are looking for an alternative to the petroleum based paraffin wax. It is a softer wax so you need to do some research into the types of candles you can make with soy wax.

EcoSoya Wax Review

Traditionally small, local businesses haven’t felt the need to a website. Why bother? Most of your business comes from selling at markets, local directories like Yellow Pages or word of mouth. Why should you spend the time and they money when you could be doing more important things?

Read on to find out 3 compelling reasons why your candle making business needs to have a website. 


According to candle.org US retail sales of candles are approximately 2 billion per year.

Holy moley! Do you want a piece of that action? Yeah, me too.

Fortunately, you can start making candles to sell pretty quickly after a little research and some practice.