Candle Making Ideas

Lets Look at Wooden Wicks

Today I discovered something new in the form of a late birthday present from my mother in law.

A gorgeous scented candle! 

candle making ideas

Birthday Candle!

On closer inspection I realized this candle was a little different. It has a wooden wick!

I have never seen one of these before and I am always looking for new candle making ideas so I did some Goggling.

I must have been living under a rock!

candle making ideas

Wooden wicks have been around for a little while now and are becoming more popular.

Like anything they have good and bad points…


Super easy to use – if you can only find wooden wicks without tabs, no worries, just wait until the wax is nearly set and slide the wooden wick in.

Unique fragrance – wooden wicks have a great natural woody (funny that) scent

Long lasting – wooden wicks last for ages giving excellent value for money spent


Limited application - Apparently wooden wicks are really only used in container candles due to the wider flame and melt pool it produces.

Price - they are more expensive than cotton wicks


All in all, wooden wicks sound pretty cool

candle making ideas


Apparently wooden wicks have a unique crackling sound when lit. Kind of like a fireplace.

Wow, that sounds really cool. Or so I thought…..

I lit my candle and sat back ready to relax to the sound of a crackling fire….

candle making ideas


candle making ideas


Alas, my moment of bliss was not to be!

I found the constant crackling sound kind of annoying! Almost like listening to a firecracker fuse burning down.

Oh well. It smells pretty.

Further research tells me that when we use wood wicks it needs to be a big wick not the tiny little one this candle came with.

Something like this……

candle making ideas

Thicker wooden wick

A bigger wick would burn slower with less crackle (or that’s my theory anyway)

I will have a go at making my own wood wick candles eventually but for now I might just make scented candles the old fashioned way!

Tell me about any new candle making ideas have you tried lately!


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