How Do I Make Aromatherapy Candles?How Do I Make Aromatherapy Candles

A question I often get asked is ‘how do I make aromatherapy candles?’ Aromatherapy in candle making is definitely possible and can be used to take your candle making to a whole new level.

But first it’s important to understand the difference between the synthetic fragrance oil and essential oils. (If you would like to know more about aromatherapy then have a look at my Scented Candle Indulgence Video Training , there you will find my great Aromatherapy E-book filled with essential oil tips and recipes)

Synthetic fragrance oil is the oil most commonly used in candle making. It is made from man made materials. Essential oils are completely different. They are made from natural plant materials.

Essential oils are the only way to get therapeutic benefits from aromatherapy. They will not be cheap nor should many different kinds of oils be priced the same as the process of distilling them is varied.

Aromatherapy is the practice of taking these essential oils and using them in ways that promote different health benefits.

It is important to pick the right essential oil for use in making aromatherapy candles. Lavender, tea tree, peppermint, Chamomile and Eucalyptus are some of the essential oils that I use quite often when making aromatherapy candles. Citrus oils also smell amazing when used to make aromatherapy candles.

There are also some essential oils that should never be used in aromatherapy. Before you begin to use Aromatherapy in candle making, take time to understand which oils are safe. Keep in mind that just because something is all natural does not necessarily mean that it is not hazardous to your health.

Also remember that not all essential oils are suitable for candle making. There are some that just don’t smell overly pleasant and then there are the ones that contain components which are potentially irritating to the mucus membranes and respiratory passages.

The use of essential oils can be beneficial to your health. These products in their natural form promote overall wellbeing for those who use them. Not only can essential oils help maintain health but also can ward off illnesses like colds and flu just by inhaling lovely scents in your home, car, or office. The use of essential oils will improve your health and raise your energy level.

You are now equipped with some basic knowledge when the question of ‘how do I make aromatherapy candles’ comes to mind


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